Earn money vs paying


RV purchases often come with 15 years+ loan term after paying a 10-20% down payment.

What about if you can put it to work, make money and recover your down payment on top of having additional income?



One of the biggest costs of RV ownership is storage. When we take your RV in Rental Consignment, storage will be provided at $150.00 per month.

This monthly rent will be covered by the money you earn through your rentals. This way your out of pocket storage expense will be none. 

Repairs and Maintenance


We will manage and perform any maintenance, repairs or upgrades as needed on your RV.

All service provided will first be authorized by you in writing, we will not mark up materials or parts, and you will receive a $10.00 OFF per hour from our regular $65.00/hr rate.

Enjoy your vacations on your RV


You can tell us what dates you would want us to block your calendar availability so you can use your RV to enjoy your vacations with your family. 

After all, this is why you purchased an have fun and explore the world.



Additionally to your personal Full Coverage insurance in which we will be listed as secondary insured, all reservations comes with a Commercial Liability Insurance provided by either our own Commercial Policy or through the third party rental company if applicable.

This way your RV will always be covered. Keep in mind customer also pay a $1,500.00 deposit to cover any minor damages or the deductible if a claim where to exist.

Your payout


How much will you get paid? 

We offer one of the highest payouts to our customers as well as we take outstanding care of your RV. We protect your asset and liability the same way or better that we protect ours.

You will be paid 70% share on all rented nights, mileage (for motorhomes), any repairs or damages caused by a renter, as well as any additional equipment or toys you want to include in your rental.

Please send us a message so we can go over the details.