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Cara Boggs  has been the one that pushed me to do things that I never imagined; she made me (and I mean...she made me, this lady is relentless!) to explore the reservations software, guide me through the process, held my hand and pushed me through at times that I was going to drop the towel. Every question I had, she snap me out of it...lol thank goodness there was distance between us because she might of reached over and smacked me across the head to make me wake up! hahaha. My God, she has so much patience and perseverance. 

Three years ago her dear husband Ken talked her into starting this amazing RV business, she....well, she went on full throttle fast forward,  didn't look back for one second.

I can imagine them multi-tasking between their 8 children (yes, you read correct: EIGHT!), their new family business, their beautiful marriage and so many things that must of come their way. Not once, but many times and they just kept going forward. 

After starting with a very basic business she took it to a whole different level to now being an all inclusive RV business where they offers RV Sales, Service, Parts, and Rentals.  Wow!  

They are located in Houston TX and are rated #1 RV Dealer on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and the BBB.  If you are considering purchasing a camper, renting is a great way to check it out and make sure it is something you would enjoy! 

We are so proud of Cara who became an amazing business woman, there is no limits for her and we know you will have an Amazing experience with her.

Below is her Reservations page where you can see all her fleet pictures, calendar availability, pricing, additional services, offered....you name it, she has it all!


Email: rentals@amazingrvs.com

Phone: (832)549-9000