Companies often need temporary accommodations at perhaps a remote location, an specific festival or sports event, research area or any other location where they will need to provide accommodations for their staff or clients.

We have twelve RVs that we can provide for your specific event,  all of our recreational vehicles come fully equipped as requested.

Some of the multiple services we can provide are:

  • Billing and invoicing

  • Delivery, set up and pick up to the event location. We can deliver up to to 200.0 miles from Downtown San Diego or more depending on how many units do you need to rent

  • Customized and efficient drop off and pick up times

  • Live tech on-site support when hired

  • 24/7 Live customer support

  • If in a remote location or in places where there is no available sewer hookups, we can also arrange for the septic tanks to be emptied.

  • Powerful Solar Systems to provide electricity in a quiet and efficient way

  • Housekeeping services

  • Airport transfers

Let us know what your organization specific needs are, we are confident we can customize a plan that will fit your specific needs.


Class A RVs from 24' to 39' with sleeping capacity from 2 to 9 adults

Class C RVs from 27' to 33' with sleeping capacity from 5 to 9 adults

Travel trailers from 25' to 37 with sleeping capacity from 4 to 12 adults

Large Fifth Wheeler 41' - Coming soon


Coachella - Indio CA

Stagecoach - Indio CA

Thunderboat Races - Mission Bay

NASCAR - Fontana or Phoenix

Del Mar Horse Park - San Diego


Who we are


We understand that there are many small, mid or large size companies, perhaps startups or just those type of companies that are conscientious about their budget.

We have travel trailers and motorhomes for your different types of needs and locations ranging from 24' all the way to 40'

What we offer

Talent motorhomes
Dressing Room Trailers
Back up mobile production trailers
RV Mobile Makeup rooms

Budget Friendly for innovative and startups within the industry

  • TV Commercial Basecamp RV
  • Talent motorhomes
  • Dressing Room Trailers
  • Mobile Production Staff RV
  • Mobile Makeup rooms (RV or trailer)

Additional Services



Folding tables, comfortable outdoor chairs, portable enclosed shades (pop up tent),  portable generator with 10,000 watts propane/gas powered, powerful solar power systems with high capacity inverter, dolly, parking cones, cell phone chargers, and more

Just let us know what you need, and we can make it happen.

Makeup mobile RV rooms


Nice and comfortable Makeup Room for your cast and makeup artists, plenty of lighting and mirrors.

We will transport the trailer or motorhome to the location and get everything ready for your staff to do their magic.

We will go anywhere for you


What a better way to take care of your production team needs then renting an RV that has all the basic needs and beyond for your staff? 

Fully equipped kitchens, comfortable beds, cleaning supplies, cell phone chargers

Powerful solar power &Inverter


Our RVs equipped with  solar power systems, battery bank and a high capacity inverter that will allow your video editors to do their work without the noise of a generator.

Check our budget friendly  Basecamp RVs