Rent an rv in san diego

Rent an rv in san diego

Rent an rv in san diegoRent an rv in san diegoRent an rv in san diego

Best rated RV Rental in San Diego - 100% Customer Satisfaction


If you are interested to Rent an RV in San Diego, you have come to the right RV Rental business website. We have a variety of recreational vehicles to suit your needs, likes and budget. 

You can choose from:

· 25’ to 39’ class A Motorhomes

· 24’ to 33’ class C Motorhomes

· 26’ to 37’ travel trailers

Rent an RV in San Diego that can be used for:

  • Special event or occasion

  • Delivery, set up and pick up services for your convenience

  • Mobile dressing room, makeup trailers, star coaches, wardrobe trailers

  • Guest room for your family and friends during holidays, weddings, or any other occasion when you need a comfortable spare room 

  • Long stay for when your house is being remodeled or repaired

  • Local or far away Camping trips to your favorite campgrounds

The possibilities are endless... we are here to help.

Arrive to a beautifully set up RV Rental in San Diego at your favorite campsite and ready to enjoy

Arrive to a beautifully set up RV Rental in San Diego at your favorite campsite and ready to enjoy

Arrive to an RV ready for you to sleep after a long drive.


We provide delivery and pick up services within San Diego County, and often Los Angeles and Orange County.

RV Rentals has become very popular because now you can enjoy a beautiful RV without the cost of ownership.

Arrive to an already beautifully set up RV ready to welcome you and your loved ones. Let us do the hard work instead, your job is to sit back and relax with your family.

If you Rent an RV with Delivery from us, you will  save money in gas, mileage fees, maneuver the rig through traffic, avoid liability, receive a lower insurance cost as well as a lowered deposit since the exposure is by far less. It is definitely a win - win for all involved.


When you Rent an RV from "RV Rentals and Repairs" aka  "RV Camping Rental" you can count on us to provide the convenience and comfort you need for a perfect vacation.

We have the following gear available upon request, some comes at no additional cost and some other provided for a small fee that helps maximize hygiene for your loved one's:

  • Kitchen: pots, pans, cooking utensils, coffee pot, silverware, dishware, drinking cups, and coffee mugs.

  • Linens, bedding, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and large towels for shower use only.

  • Cleaning supplies that will assist on keeping the trailer clean and have what is necessary to return it to us as clean as provided. 

  • Outdoor rug, outdoor table and 2 camping chairs

  • Restroom hand towel and kitchen hand towel


We believe everything is based on sleep comfort and wake up fully rested...

This is why we have upgraded most of our RVs mattresses with 3" memory foam toppers, high thread count on all our linens as well as mid firm pillows.