How to make money by renting your RV

 By listing your RV rental online with RV Camping Rental, you can earn between $5,000 to $15,000 a year in extra income. 


Earn money vs paying

Repairs & Maintenance

Earn money vs paying


  Did you purchase a Recreational Vehicle with the intention of traveling, explore the wonderful outdoor activities, become a Full Timer RVer, spend more time doing fun stuff  with your loved ones’ and so much more but…. didn’t realize the associated cost of ownership or simply your goals and circumstances in life changed? You are not alone we understand and are here to help…..

If your RV is sitting at a storage or at your property taking valuable space, and it is just rotting away while costing you money (monthly payment, insurance, registration renewal, storage fees, and more) we can turn this experience around and make it a profitable one.

Are you asking yourself “How can I rent my RV”, “Can I make money renting my Camper”, “Is renting my RV a good idea” or sadly as well "I can no longer afford my RV, what can I do?"; here is the answer:

We will take physical possession of your RV through our Rental Management Consignment Program, we will bring it to our storage location, perform any work or maintenance required to bring it to outstanding cosmetic and mechanical shape, list it in our website as well as the several major rental platforms we do business with, do the marketing and start  booking reservations for your RV.

Depending on your RV type, class, year, sleeping capacity, your restrictions in place and the time of year, you will be able to make the necessary Rental Income in order to pay the monthly payment and all associated expenses.

That’s right….it is time for your RV to start paying by itself and often receive an additional rental income.

Let us help you, don't let your RV rot away on your driveway or storage, you don't have to carry the financial hardship by yourself any longer, let us try to  turn around your RV Ownership burden into an enjoyable one.

How does that sound? Let’s do this! Call us today….


Repairs & Maintenance

Earn money vs paying



Besides the monthly RV loan payment and insurance, one of the other costs of ownership is storage (which is often hard to find or affordable). 

When we take your RV under our Rental Management Consignment Program, storage will be arranged in your behalf at our secured location.

Since you will now be considered a Small Business Owner, the storage monthly fee will come directly from your bank account which you will be able to deduct from your taxes, please ask your accountant for specific details. Or if you prefer, we can pay the monthly fee on your behalf from your available rental income account balance.

We are currently storing our fleet at the KOA located in Chula Vista. ***Limited availability.

Their facilities have a Propane pump refill station which is serviced by their Licensed staff, they also have water, vacuum, air compressor to inflate and check the tires PSI, septic tanks sewer discharge and clean out area, three security gates with codes, security cameras and 24/7 staff.

Conveniently located near freeway 805 and 94 in the City of Chula Vista.

No more struggling with storage or taking space in your property….we will take care of it.

Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance



Another benefit of partnering with us, is that we have been in business repairing RVs since 2007 under our business "A1 RV Repairs & Services", check our reviews.

We can do multiple types of repairs, services and maintenance without having to wait for months for a large RV Shop to take care of your RV. This means that your RV will be back on the road much faster and at a more affordable cost since you will receive as a valued customer a $10.00 per hour off from our regular rate.

Here is a list of some of the services, maintenance and repairs that we can do:

· Generator tune-up, maintenance, repairs or replacement

· Water damage prevention and repairs

· Roofing maintenance, repairs or new replacement

· RV Appliances troubleshooting, several repairs, replacement

· RV Mechanic work such as brakes, wheel bearings, tune up, oil change, shocks replacement, etc

· Cabinetry touch up to repair expected nicks and dings that will arise from rental use

· Window treatment replacement or new install

· Compartment doors replacement

· Door locking mechanism replacement, doorknobs, window handles, drawer guides and pull handle

· Roof mounted AC maintenance, repair or replacement

· And much more….

Keep in mind that any property that is being rented to the public will endure the expected wear and tear. RVs now days are not built as solid as they were many years ago. There are always associated risks just like anything else in life. We will be happy to explain all the good and not so good so you make an smart and educated decision.

Enjoy your RV

Enjoy your RV

Repairs & Maintenance


Let us know when you want to use your RV, after all...this is why you most likely purchased it.

We will have it ready, clean, stocked and topped off for your arrival.

We only ask to let us know ahead of time so we block the calendar for your personal use.

We also have delivery, set up and pick up services for your convenience at most local RV Resorts; just let us know which campground do you need us to deliver your RV and set it up for you. 

This way you will arrive to an already fully set up campsite.


Enjoy your RV

Your payout


  The RV Rental Industry has been expanding and evolving at a fast pace, insurance companies alike are evolving and changing every day. Because of this, we always make sure that we adapt along the way and procure the best available insurance provider that will offer the highest coverage during the time that is rented to a customer

We are currently using the insurance coverage provided through Wheelbase, RVShare, Outdoorsy, RVTrader, and RVnGo. 

Your RV personal insurance will be in place while at the storage lot or transported to an alignment shop or any other repair facility for those services we don’t provide.

We also take additional steps to ensure that your asset, liability, etc. are protected at the maximum available extent; because of this we request all the customers that will be either driving (in the case of a motorhome) or towing (in the case of a towable), to provide us with their vehicle insurance ID card, driver license and an utility bill as a proof of address. 

The only time we don’t request their insurance card is for all those reservations in which we will be the only ones transporting the RV to their campsite or location and it will not be moved by them.

Customer also pay a refundable deposit, this amount varies between $500.00 to $2,500.00 depending on the level of risk associated, length of reservation, distance to be traveled or as per our discretion in order to ensure most minor accidents or damages are paid through their deposit.

Your payout

Enjoy your RV

Your payout


How much will you get paid? 

We offer one of the highest payouts in the industry as well as we take outstanding care of your RV. 

We protect your asset and liability the same way or better that we protect ours.

After we deduct any processing fees or third party rental commission fees, you will be paid 60%  from rented nights, 100% excess mileage charged (for motorhomes), 100% repairs or damages caused by a customer.


  • You will be provided with your listing(s) link(s) in which you will be able to monitor the calendar availability.

  • You will receive a link for your RV account cash flow Excel Spreadsheet where you can see any transactions entered at any time.

  • We will forward any emails received  notifying us that a Reservation has been booked upon request but by following the customer's privacy as per current and future law compliance.

  • Your rental available income will be sent via PayPal or Venmo once a month.

  • Remember to be prepared for the winter slump since reservations demand will be very low.

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